Custom Web Design

This is where we get to have the most fun. We love taking on new projects that need an extra special touch to make a site look just right. 

Our Process


    During the initial phase, we will review your completed submission form and schedule a phone (or in person) consult. During this call we will discuss the goals you have with your website and how we can design the site that meets your needs. 

    We will draft a detailed Project Proposal that covers all the necessary features, design style, and timeline. During this stage, we will ask for a 50% downpayment on the site, and we will begin designing.


    According to the agreed upon timeline, we will draft up an initial mockup of your site. Once an initial rough draft has been created, we will share with you to see if the site is on track and how you envisioned it. 

    After the initial mockup has been created, we will continue moving forward with the website design according to the timeline provided that materials are provided to us in line with the Propject Proposal. 

    We will maintain close contact via email and phone to make sure the project stays on track as we make final preparations for the launch of the site.


    We will have one last meeting to discuss final changes prior to the website's launch. During this time, the final payment will be due and we will set a final launch date. 

    On Launch day, we will check that everything is perfect for your site visitors. Once we hit the publish button, your site will be live and we will all celebrate. 

    Post Launch, we will schedule a followup meeting to discuss the details of the Care Plan and to see that your site is giving visitors a perfect representation of your business. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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