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We are creatives at heart. We started this agency because the idea of taking creative people away from partaking in their craft in order to focus on responsive web design, learning how to install plugins on WordPress websites, and thinking about mobile-friendly design was a sin. Don't worry, we've got you covered.

We feel that traditional the traditional web design model of building a website and not making changes until it is so outdated that you need a complete overhaul is not a sustainable model for you or for you bank account. So we do things a little differently.

We follow a growth driven design model that is client focused instead of the typical business focused design you'd get at most agencies. We seek to get a website up for you as quickly as possible, making sure to focus on the key features that your clients need.

After people have started using your site, we will find ways to improve their experience through new features and things you might not have realized were important.

Whether you are just starting your business and this is your first foray into the website design process or your business is firmly established we can handle all of your concerns.

Aside from web design we can help focus your content marketing efforts, create wonderful explainer videos that your fans will adore, and direct you to experts we trust for branding a business as creative as you are as an individual.

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Jared Ardine

Jared is an artist, guitarist, and general tinkerer. In addition to his exploits in the creative realm, he is a marketer and web developer with a keen sense for business and making clients happy.

Raised in Las Vegas, Jared moved to San Francisco after receiving his BA in Cultural Anthropology. He seeks to understand people and how they behave. This, combined with his background in the software industry, made him obsessed with digital marketing and how people interact online.

He is well versed in WordPress website design and is a certified Inbound Marketer.

His obsession with research and aim to truly understand your company and the people who will be using your website makes him a venerable force to have in your corner.

As his design style goes, he is constantly scouring the web, attending craft fairs, and interacting with creative entrepreneurs to make sure that he is up to date with the current trends.

In his spare time, there is always an audiobook or a podcast playing in the background while he is practicing his guitar skills, drawing (he enjoys working with charcoal), and playing with his dog Willow.


Grella Lichorobiec

Grella is the definition of a creative individual. 

Her unique sense of style combined with her fierce dedication towards spotting trends before they blow up makes her an excellent person to have on the team.

Grella's ability to look at a blank canvas and create something completely unique is the perfect complement to Jared's structured approach towards website design.

Grella has an amazing ability to take a list of someone's website needs and edit it down to the most basic building blocks. This speeds up the design process exponentially.

Her innate understanding of color and layout allow her to help draft initial mockups at a rapid pace.

Favorite TV Show: Rupaul's Drag Race


Grella - Simplicity Interactive


Shop Dog / Good Girl

Willow comes to us from South of the Border. Originally from Rosarito, Mexico, Willow has adjusted to life in the Pacific Northwest with ease.

Willow adds an element of surprise to each website. She's a wildcard with very particular tastes. If she doesn't like the direction we are going in our website design, she will make sure that her voice is heard.

In her spare time Willow enjoys taking naps, begging for food when we open the refrigerator, and watching the West Wing.

Favorite Band: The Doobie Brothers

Favorite Website: Dominos Pizza (we don't let her order, but she can drool over it)

Connect with her on Instagram:

My Funny Valentine🐒💖 by grella.lichorobiec

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