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Welcome to Simplicity Interactive

Simplicity Interactive is a web design agency specializing in Growth Driven Design and Content Marketing.

My name is Jared Ardine and I started Simplicity Interactive because over the last several years I have been involved in the creative scene in California and found that there is a lot of creativity going on but few tech solutions to aid in that creativity. I attend craft fairs. I spend countless hours watching Youtube videos on interesting techniques for creating art such as eco-dying and creating acrylic emulsions. I attend meetings for local creatives and love the model of groups like Tuesdays Together that seek to bridge creative communities and help entrepreneurs find mentors, rather than competitors.

It is my goal to provide my web design skills and knowledge of things like content marketing to help the artistic community. I will focus on the technical side of things to help free up time for creating for businesses and individuals. Creative Entrepreneurship is on the rise and if you have the idea, I’m happy to be in your corner to help you achieve your goals.


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